Thank You

A Big Life

So, Germany. This is it for a while. I’m flying home tomorrow night and even though it was what I desperately wanted when I booked my ticket, even though it is what I desperately need, I can feel my toes digging in. I want to leave you and I don’t at the same time and I think this contradiction will be inherent throughout our entire relationship. But we’ll learn to live with that, just like we learnt to live with my jaywalking ways and your thing with rules and wurst. And your terrible television. Just like we learnt to live with a lot of things.


I have to say, Germany, you were a bit distant at first, a bit aloof. You don’t make it easy, you know, with your grey skies and clipped conversation. You can be a bit unyielding sometimes, a bit quietly disapproving. God my face burned every time…

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